Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Emphatic Win for India (India Vs Pakistan T20 Final)

Hey Guys,

I am sure all of you would have seen the match yesterday. What an fantastic finish to the world cup final!! Awesome!!! Good team effort to India and a bit luck too... And Cheers to Pakistan also for the fight back they made...

Look at the young team... It said so that the average age of the guys in the team is 24.

All the players enjoyed the game they were playing. No fear on their faces. When u enjoy the game, u will show well. And that is the magic which worked on this team.. What say?

And now is the question of senior players coming into picture? Once the match is over, one of the TV channel started debated about whether the senior players are needed in the team.

And look at the prize money announced by BCCI... 3 million USD plus the champions prize money, 1 crore for yuvraj singh and a Porsche 911, 5 lakhs for Uthappa and V Prasad each. WOW! Rich BCCI.... ;)

There are few players to be named who shined in this tournament.

Irfan Pathan - came back to his form at the right time when Team India needed.

RP Singh - Bowled beautifully with good line and length

Sreesanth - Aggressive bowling

Yuvraj Singh - Who will ever forget his 6x6.... Beautiful ones...

Yusuf Pathan - Great start to his international career

Rohit Sharma - Sensible batting when the team needed.

Last but not the least, T20 India Captain MS Dhoni - Good captaincy, good strategies.

From pakistan side, Misbah, Player of the tournament Shahid Afridi, shoaib Malik. They were also relatively an young side.

On the whole, it was really a good typical Ind Vs Pak match. Thanks to both the teams for entertaining the whole world.

Oh! I forgot to mention how I saw the match... Believe me, its much more thrilling when you check the scores in the Internet. You will never know what will happen and you cant predict what is going to happen. Only when the page refreshes, we can see the score. Live telecast sites cannot be opened in my office. 8.45 PM IST was my cab and there were 8 balls left. We(I and 8 other colleagues) surrounded one person's cubicle and was starring at the computer screen.
We had to call up the reception people and ask them to stop the cab for some while. In the whole office, there were only 10 to 15 people. Surprisingly,even the cab drivers were checking the internet for updates. Later on, I went home and saw the highlights of the match..

Catch you guys later with someother interesting blog.. Have fun! Enjoy!