Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Updations!

Now there is a New Group Chat! in your gmail account at the top right.. Have you noticed? If not, open ur gmail account and check it out.... This was the one which was there in google's mind for long time i guess.

How to chat in group?

In gmail, Open a conversation with one person,
now click on Options -> Group Chat.

Now add the 2nd persons id to whom u want to chat.
Now enjoy chatting!

Here are few more things which u guys would have
noticed and some that you wouldn't have noticed.

Jus for information. Here it goes.

1. Attachment size increased to 20 MB
2. New emoticons
3. New message notification
4. Forward all
5. Chat even when friends are online
6. Gmail automatically does virus scan every time you open or send a message with an attachment
7. Signature options

There are lots more. Keep checking this site and follow the updations of google.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ur Mobile numbers will not change!

If anyone has read The Times Of India two days back, this blog will not surprise you. Otherwise here is the surprise. I would call this as a great entry for the telecom ministry in India.

All these while, if we change our location from one city to another, we would change our mobile numbers to that particular city local service provider. After that, we would be updating our friends,family,relatives etc... with the number. This is such a big headache for all of us. This happened to me also recently when I shifted from TamilNadu to Karnataka.

Indian telecom industry has come up with a solution of retaining the mobile number where you go. That means even if you go from delhi to mumbai and change your sim to the local service provider sim, the number will not change. You can retain the same number. This would become easier for the users but a tough task for the service providers. Common numbers has to be given.

This is getting implemented in the four metro cities. Lets wait and see how good this idea works out!...

This is what is given in the news paper:

"Here’s good news for India’s 210 million mobile consumers. After sitting on the decision for over two years, the telecom ministry on Monday finally decided to introduce number portability for mobile services. This means if you are unhappy with your mobile service provider but have been unable to shift to another because it would mean changing your number, you will be able to switch while retaining the same number.
The move, long demanded by those who wanted a truly competitive telecom market, should see service providers going the extra mile to ensure their customers stay satisfied and hence loyal to them. According to telecom minister A Raja, the facility will be launched in the four metros to begin with. However, he did not specify exactly when this would happen.
Full number portability allows users to retain their telephone numbers not just when they change service providers. They can also retain the number when they are switching service types — say, from mobile to fixed line — or when changing locations — say, from Delhi to Mumbai or viceversa. The portability envisaged by Raja, however, will only allow wireless number portability.
The lack of number portability between mobile providers in India has kept many consumers from changing services because of the inconvenience of changing their phone number on business cards and other documents, and informing all their contacts of the new number. Its introduction will get rid of these hassles.
Not surprisingly, GSM operators are unhappy about the development. T V Ramachandran of the Cellular Operators’ Association of India alleged that mobile number portability is introduced to benefit an operator seeking to enter the GSM segment — a reference to Reliance.
Reliance Communications boss Anil Ambani said: “It is pro-competition, pro-consumer and pro-choice. For the first time in the four metros, GSM operators will face real competition”.
CDMA association AUSPI welcomed the move. “It’s an important and effective tool for ensuring effective competition and improved quality of service in the mobile telecom service sector which will ultimately benefit the subscribers at large,” said S C Khanna of AUSPI. "

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yahoo! Kickstart

Yet another social network. Now its the turn of Yahoo! to bring up a social network. Yahoo has named it as Kickstart. As the name suggests, they have just kickstarted this network.

This service is actually more like LinkedIn wherein we get in touch with our college friends and alumni. This product group is led by Scott Gatz. He says this service will be updated with events, message boards once the network gets started.

Kickstart is focusing on getting alumni to sign up first, and will be offering a $25,000 prize to whichever college/university gets the most alumni to sign up before December 31.

Lets wait and watch how far the Kickstart is growing onto success....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

MySpace joins Google

Yeah, MySpace joins google alliance. People say this alliance is to counter Facebook.

MySpace and Bebo, two of the world’s largest social networking sites, on Thursday joined a Google-led alliance that is promoting a common set of standards for software developers to write programs for social networks.

The alliance now presents a powerful counterweight to Facebook, which, after opening up its site to developers last spring, has persuaded thousands of them to create programs for its users. The addition of MySpace, the world’s largest social network with 110 million active members, and Bebo, the No. 1 site in Britain with 39 million active users, could also put pressure on Facebook to drop its own standard and join the alliance, called OpenSocial.

Courtesy : Here

Friday, November 2, 2007

Google Is Fifth Most Valuable Company

Sounds Great right? Yup, it is!!!! Google is fifth most valuable company.

Guess who is the first in the list... Oh NO.... NOT GE or Microsoft...

Its Exxon Mobil thats on the top of the list..

Here is the list:

1. Exxon Mobil
2. General Electric
3. Microsoft
4. AT & T
5. Google

Google crossed P&G to get to 5th position. I am sure AOL will be next in everyone's mind to look after....