Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Google named as world’s top brand

Yet another blog about google!!!

You can't eat it, drink it, drive it, or wear it. Ten years ago the name didn't exist. But yesterday, Google was named the top brand in the world.

The internet search engine has overtaken some of the biggest names of the past 100 years including General Electric, Marlboro, Coca-Cola, Toyota and McDonald's.

Check the top 10 brands of UK and global here. -------->

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Friday, April 20, 2007

No PowerPoint? Google will offer a free alternative

Its been only google's products in my blog..... Here comes yet another one.....

Google is adding another tool in its battle with Microsoft: A free version of presentation software.

The yet-to-be-named software will be included in Google Apps, an online suite that includes free word processing, spreadsheet and calendar programs. Users will work with the program online but will be able to save files and view them offline. It's expected to be available this summer.

The Google CEO says its not a competition to Microsoft. Check what he has said:

"We believe we can bring presentations to a new level of user satisfaction.We don't think it competes with Microsoft, because it doesn't have all the functionality of Office. It's a different way of sharing information, more casual, and a better fit to how people use the Web."

Google announced a deal to buy online ad firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, which Microsoft contends violates antitrust rules. The deal is Google's biggest ever, following its $1.6 billion acquisition of video-sharing site YouTube last year.

Also, Google announced an alliance with radio broadcaster Clear Channel that lets users of Google's online advertising network buy radio ads directly from their computer.

Google is inspiring me a lot nowadays man!!! Awesome company....

Yipee! Google Spreadsheets get charts

Google Spreadsheets will take a new shape which will have charts also as an option.

Here are the new spreadsheet features of Google Spreadsheet:

Named ranges: you can define a name for a range of cells, and use this name in formulas to refer to cells, for example write =sum(expenses) instead of =sum(c12:e17). This helps make calculation logic clearer to write and understand. Check it out under the "Formulas" tab.

Cell comments: Attach comments to individual cells, great for additional information or for collaboration on a single cell.

Bi-directional text: The ability to properly view and edit text in right-to-left languages like Hebrew. This is very important for our local community here in Israel.

A quick way to duplicate a sheet.

A new right-click option to search the web for the text in a cell.

Google Rebrands Froogle, Adds Personalization Features

Froogle has been losing traffic steadily for the last four months, so the company is rebranding it with the straightforward name Google Product Search.

Google's shopping search service Froogle proved more bemusing than amusing. In an effort to bewitch rather than bewilder, Google rechristened its product search service with the decidedly straightforward name Google Product Search.

Google recently also rolled out two new features to further personalize search for those with Google accounts who have enabled their Search History.

The first is a recommendation button on the Google Toolbar, which many users have installed in their Web browser. When clicked on, the button, which shows a pair of dice, takes the user to a site calculated to be of interest based on past searches. Google says it will generate up to 50 such sites per day.

This feature is similar to a service called StumbleUpon, that eBay is rumored to be acquiring. StumbleUpon's recommendations are based on user profiles and voting, in contrast to Google's automated, algorithmic approach.

The second new Google personalization feature is the ability to add a recommendations tab to a Google Personalized Homepage. These recommendations are similar to the Google Toolbar recommendations.

Way to go GOOGLE!!!

Quarter 1 profit of all the companies

Hi guys,

Check out the Q1 growth/fall of the following companies:

HP - increased by 72%

Infosys-increased by 70%

Google - increased by 69%

TCS- increased by 44%

IBM - increased by 8%

Adobe - reduced by 31%

Yahoo - reduced by 11%

Motorala - reduced by 9%

Adobe's 31% loss might be because of the research work that they are doing. They invested a huge amount(100 million) on Apollo.

Lets wait for the next quarter's rate of growth or fall of the companies.

Ok then bye guys...