Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Google Page Creator has some problem

Hey Guys,

Have u tried opening your google page in edit mode recently?

I tried opening it and the page was left blank. And when i click
the Edit HTML, i dont get all the html part of that page.(Check out the image on the right side)

I am not sure if everyone are facing the same problem but yeah
there are two guys along with me faced the same problem.

I published this complaint to GPC Discussion Forum

If you also get the same problem, let me know or please update the
same in this forum

I thought of publishing but yeah have to wait till this problem gets

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Page element in Blogger!

Hi guys,

Its been since long time I have written a blog.

Do you see a poll at the left side of this page? Its from the blogger page element called Poll. You can create your own poll and add it to you blog.

Click on Add page element in your layout. You will see Poll in the list of page element. Click it and enter your poll question and different answers. You can also specify the closing date of the poll. Users will be able to participate in the poll and the see the results. To view the video of how to do so, check the link provided above.

Check out my poll question..

Meet you all guys in the next post.