Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How BlackBerry Works?

Some of the People would have already explored how a blackberry works... I went through a site and that site i tell you is really good one to learn lots....

Oh yeah! I will give u the site at the end of this blog...

The title of how blackberry works attracted me and this was the one wat i wanted to learn for a long time even though i know something about it before. Either i forget to browse through or I get work. Today i got this link from Google Reader.

Here goes what i learnt..... And remember its jus a gist.....

Blackberry's manufacturer is Research In Motion (RIM). In 1999, it said that only 25,000 blackberries were sold out. In 2005, they announced as 3.65 million subscribers. Look at the drastic change...

Many use blackberry for constant access of email, phone and calendar. Many people say using blackberry is advantageous because they can spend more time with their family. Many say its disadvantage because work can come anytime even during their free time.

How does the instant emails come? Using which technology? 'Push' is the technology. Even before this 'push' technology emerged, PDA was introduced way back. But time-consuming was the major factor because of manual sync. On the other hand, BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Desktop Redirector software "pushes," or redirects, new e-mail, calendar updates, documents and other data straight to the user over the Internet and the cellphone network.

The software senses that a new message has arrived or the data has changed. Then, it compresses, packages and redirects the information to the handheld unit. The server uses hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and transmission control protocol (TCP) to communicate with the handhelds. It also encrypts the data with encryption methods like DES and AES.

In general the visible parts of a BlackBerry are:

  • LCD display
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Click wheel
  • On/off, escape and other keys
  • Headset jack
  • USB charger connection
  • Antenna (interior on some models)
  • Indicator light to advise users of new messages or data
U can also see the microphone, speaker and to access rechargeable batteries.

Internal parts will have 32-bit microprocessor, light source for screen, memory, bluetooth transmitter and wireless modem...

OK guys, I guess gist must be this long only.. Rest all is upto u to keep digging on this.. I have already digged lots...

And yeah, here is the URL : BlackBerry

Listening to PDF files!

Hey Guys,

I got this content from one of my friend. I would like to share it with you. As the title says, Yeah! U can listen to PDF files. I was always wondering how to listen to pdf and do other works simultaneously. I am sure many of you would have thought the same. Here comes the solution for it.

You can listen to any PDF files instead of reading with Adobe Reader 6 or 7 and the short cuts are:

Ctrl + Shift + B - to hear the entire Document
Ctrl + Shift + V - to hear the page
Ctrl + Shift + C - to resume
Ctrl + Shift + E - to stop

Open any PDF File and test.... unbelievable.

It will read for you the entire content!....................Dont believe???....Just try Guys.......It really works.......and truly amazing!

Now i will start working and listening simultaneously.