Friday, April 20, 2007

Yipee! Google Spreadsheets get charts

Google Spreadsheets will take a new shape which will have charts also as an option.

Here are the new spreadsheet features of Google Spreadsheet:

Named ranges: you can define a name for a range of cells, and use this name in formulas to refer to cells, for example write =sum(expenses) instead of =sum(c12:e17). This helps make calculation logic clearer to write and understand. Check it out under the "Formulas" tab.

Cell comments: Attach comments to individual cells, great for additional information or for collaboration on a single cell.

Bi-directional text: The ability to properly view and edit text in right-to-left languages like Hebrew. This is very important for our local community here in Israel.

A quick way to duplicate a sheet.

A new right-click option to search the web for the text in a cell.