Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Google Page Creator has some problem

Hey Guys,

Have u tried opening your google page in edit mode recently?

I tried opening it and the page was left blank. And when i click
the Edit HTML, i dont get all the html part of that page.(Check out the image on the right side)

I am not sure if everyone are facing the same problem but yeah
there are two guys along with me faced the same problem.

I published this complaint to GPC Discussion Forum

If you also get the same problem, let me know or please update the
same in this forum

I thought of publishing but yeah have to wait till this problem gets

1 Comment:

Abdel Olakara said...

No such problems for me.. I just updated my site yesterday. Have a look : http://olakara.googlepages.com.
I have added a feed of my blog to it.
Keep posting !