Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Updations!

Now there is a New Group Chat! in your gmail account at the top right.. Have you noticed? If not, open ur gmail account and check it out.... This was the one which was there in google's mind for long time i guess.

How to chat in group?

In gmail, Open a conversation with one person,
now click on Options -> Group Chat.

Now add the 2nd persons id to whom u want to chat.
Now enjoy chatting!

Here are few more things which u guys would have
noticed and some that you wouldn't have noticed.

Jus for information. Here it goes.

1. Attachment size increased to 20 MB
2. New emoticons
3. New message notification
4. Forward all
5. Chat even when friends are online
6. Gmail automatically does virus scan every time you open or send a message with an attachment
7. Signature options

There are lots more. Keep checking this site and follow the updations of google.

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